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Cyrille, now in his 50s , has found happiness and contentment in his life. This would not have been possible if Cyrille had not found God. Although Cyrille had been brought up with Christian values as a child, he had veered away from those values as an adult. In July of 1989 Cyrille’s best friend and former team-mate Laurie Cunningham, died in a car crash. This tragedy had a devastating impact on Cyrille as just two years earlier, Cyrille and Laurie had both been in a car accident where they had survived.

Laurie’s death left Cyrille pondering questions such as: Is there really life after death? Where is God in all of this? Why did this happen? Cyrille’s search for answers ultimately lead him to what he describes as “a real encounter with Jesus”. This encounter would change his life forever.

Cyrille became a born-again Christian and is passionate about sharing his story with others who may also be searching for answers. He remarks “I meet people all the time, some famous, some not who are all looking for hope and peace. I have learned that money cannot buy peace of mind so I simply tell people how I found hope and peace in God. The great thing about it is that anyone can have the peace that I have, you just need to know God.” Cyrille attends Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull and is also a Trustee of Christians in Sport.